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Pork Sausage Stuffed Jalepenos

By Kimi Coupe


1/2 lb. pork sausage
1 lb. bacon (each slice cut in half)
10-12 jalepeno peppers (stems cut, sliced in half length-wise, and seeds removed)
1 (8oz.) pkg. cream cheese
1 c. shredded cheese



Cook the pork sausage and drain. In a bowl, mix together the cooked pork sausage, cream cheese, and shredded cheese. Using a spoon fill each jalapeno half with the pork sausage and cheese mixture. Take a slice of bacon and wrap it around the jalepeno.  Insert a toothpick to hold the bacon and pepper together. Bake at 375° for 20-30 minutes until bacon is cooked and the peppers are fork tender (Ovens may vary). Serve warm with a side of your favorite ranch dressing. 
Submitted by Melissa Gilchrist - Finalist in the Favorite Appetizer Recipe Contest
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By Kimi Coupe
Categories:  Recipes

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Kimi Coupe

Kimi Coupe

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