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Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day

While your husband or father loves receiving homemade gifts and ties for Father’s Day, why not give him something different this year? Take him out for a day for a fun experience that will give you a chance to reconnect, and give dad a chance to do something he loves. Here are a few suggestions that might help you celebrate the father in your life.

Take Him to a Ball Game

Take dad out to the ball game and buy him some peanuts or cracker jacks, or one of those really long hot dogs. If you live near a major league team, this could be a great chance to see your favorite team in action. But it doesn’t have to be a professional team to have a good experience. Find out if there are any minor league teams in your area and take dad to see them. You will still get the ballpark experience with the concession stand favorites and the roaring crowd, but you won’t have to sell your car to buy the tickets.


For the dad who loves a day on the links, try taking him to a golf course for some putting practice or a full game. Not only will you get the chance to create lasting memories with your dad as you play a round of golf, but you will also get the chance to ride (or even drive) a golf cart. Who doesn’t love a ride in a golf cart? And if you don’t have a membership to the clubs the courses belong to, don’t worry. Many offer pricing and hours for the public.


If you have easy access to a lake or body of water, like many of us here in Central Texas, then a day out on the boat or on the shore fishing might be just what dad had in mind. So, grab some lures and a picnic lunch and head to the outdoors for some quiet time with your dad.

Down Memory Lane

If your dad isn’t really the fishing, golf or ball game kind of dad, then take him on a different kind of journey. Take him to all of the places he’s taken you—your favorite ice cream shop, the ball field where you practiced pitching or the playground he took you to all those years ago. It will not only give you a chance to remember all of those great times, but it will let your dad know just how much those times meant to you.

If you have young children, help them come up with a list of places that have special meaning to them. Write down their suggestions and make up a treasure map for dad to follow. Maybe there’s a special surprise at the end of the day like a new grill.

It doesn’t matter where you take your dad or your husband. The chance to spend quality time as a family will be a gift in itself.

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