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Parting with Used Toys

It’s always nice to donate a toy to someone who could use it and there are plenty of options. Giving to “Boys with No Toys” is a fun way my children have embraced the idea of giving.  Here are a few options available in our community for very lightly used toys:

1. Toy Drives - To find a toy drive in your area, contact a local church or the chamber of commerce. Organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts also organize drives, so seek them out in your neighborhood.

2. The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children - This organization delivers donated stuffed animals, toys, and books to every child they serve.

3. The Salvation Army - The Salvation Army works to provide food, clothing, shelter, and housing for those it serves. The vast majority of funds brought in through its thrift store serve that purpose.

4. Local Fire Department - Firefighters and EMTs often keep stuffed animals around to give to children they must transport to the hospital. Call the department in your area to see if they have such a program.

Repurpose Old Toys
Repurposing is where it gets fun. You and your child can let your creativity run wild, and think of fun and useful ways to repurpose old toys. It can soften the blow that comes with giving something away. Often children can have an emotional bond to a toy they haven’t touched in years. Tricks like these allow them to keep that toy around (or a part of it at least).

Repurposing helps kids (and parents) realize that making something can be more fun than buying. It fosters a real sense of ownership and accomplishment. Finally, you’re keeping a hunk of plastic out of the landfill in many cases.

Some fun ideas for repurposing toys are to embellish a frame with small cars or action figures, use an old metal dump truck as a planter, and assemble a bunch of random pieces to make a lamp or bookends.

Honor the Memory
We often fail to part with things not because of the item itself, but with the memory or emotion it represents. This is especially true as kids grow up. One way to honor the memory without incurring clutter is with a shadow box or photo book from
shutterfly.com. The memory is intact, and the clutter isn’t.

You won’t be able to sell all of your old toys, of course. But some vintage toys and collectibles can attract buyers. Before you list your little treasures online, you’ll need to take some photos. A good photo can make or break a sale. Look for YouTube tutorials that tell you how to take a great picture.  There’s a lot that can be done with old toys. If you can, have your kids take part in the process you choose. They’ll feel a part of the decision and enjoy seeing the toy’s new role.


Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder
Certified Professional Organizer

Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts




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Jennifer Snyder

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