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Organizing Game Boards & Their Pieces

By Jennifer Snyder
Board Games On WhiteI see a lot of stuff in my line of work and frequently strength my brain to come up with creative storage solutions to meet the needs of each individual and family.  One area that continually baffles and frustrates me is board game storage.  The tiny little pieces, no problem; keeping up with instruction manuals, child's play; giant game boards, ummm…well…; boxes of all shapes and sizes falling apart, I am a woman on a mission!

Having said all of that, I am going to share with you the some of the simplest methods to corral all of those boards and pieces.  Hold on to your dice!

Consistent package sizing – Transfer all of your gams into plastic boxes but only purchase only two or three (at the most) different sizes. All boxes should be from the same manufacturer and look relatively consistent.  This will save the day when trying to arrange them in a cabinet or shelf.  All boxes should be labeled appropriately.

Store the game boards away from the pieces – Use a rack (typically used for flat pans or plates) to stand the boards on end.  This prevents you from having to purchase huge boxes simply to accommodate the boards.  Store all boards together near the pieces.

Store cards and small games on the door – Use and over-the-door shoe hanger with clear pockets to store small (think Pass The Pigs) or cards.  The clear pockets allow you to easily see what is in there and even if the box falls apart, the games can still be nicely stored.  This is where you would store extra dice as well.

This is also a super place to serve as a lost and found for random game pieces.  When the game has been put away and there is a runaway pawn, designate one opening for these pieces.  It helps to have one place to look and it takes a great load off mom to be responsible to remember where all the pieces are at any given time.

One day I hope that the game companies will do us a solid and standardize their packaging but I don't look for that anytime soon.  For now, try out these tricks and if they work I would love to see how you put your own spin on it.  You can email pictures to me directly at Jennifer@neatasapin.net.

Happy gaming and have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Exerts
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