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Natural Ways to Care for Babies

By Family Features

During a baby's first year, parents make many decisions regarding what is best for their baby, including how to care for common ailments that affect infants. Lately, many parents have been gravitating toward a more natural way to care for their children.From treating teething problems to soothing a baby's irritated skin, there are many ways parents can turn to natural remedies and products to care for their baby. Here are some safe tips and tricks to provide infants with comfort, the natural way. Of course, as questions arise, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional.

Taking care of teething

Teething usually starts between the ages of four and seven months. This process can cause your baby discomfort when the gums around the new teeth swell and become tender. Some natural ways to comfort your baby during this stage include:

Gums - Gently rub your baby's gums using a clean finger, a cool damp washcloth or a soft rubber finger brush.

Teething tablets - Homeopathic teething tablets, such as Baby Orajel(tm) Naturals Quick Dissolve Teething Tablets, can offer safe, effective teething pain relief. They use the soothing, natural ingredient chamomilla as a main ingredient, and do not contain benzocaine, belladonna, dyes and parabens. Learn more at www.babyorajelnaturals.com.

First teeth - As teeth begin to appear, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush to help prevent tooth decay.  Baby Orajel(tm) Tooth & Gum Cleanser is a safe way to care for baby's gums and first teeth. It is safe if swallowed when used as directed.

Skin care for babies

Bathing, laundry products, and diapers are only a few of the causes of skin irritation. Luckily, there are many natural ways to ensure that a baby's skin stays soft.

Bathing - It may surprise you to know that babies don't need bathing all that often.  Gentle sponge baths once a week will allow babies to retain the natural, protective oils in their skin.

Laundry products - Wash clothing and bedding before it gets used for the first time, and use fragrance- and dye-free laundry detergents, such as the
ARM & HAMMER(tm) Liquid Laundry Detergent, Perfume & Dye Free for Sensitive Skin.  Babies' clothing should be washed separately from the family's laundry, and should receive an extra rinse.

Changing time - The American Academy of Pediatrics says that diaper rash affects more than half of infants and is often caused by prolonged exposure to wet, soiled diapers, or use of unnecessary baby products. The perfume or alcohol in many baby wipes can cause irritation. Use a warm wet washcloth or a squirt bottle with warm water, pat the area dry, and then apply a layer of zinc oxide or petroleum jelly to treat diaper rash.

Taking care of infants is complicated enough for any parent, whether it is their first or fourth child. Keeping things simple will make taking care of your baby a little bit easier - naturally.

Source: http://www.familyfeatures.com/feeds/FeatureDetailDownload.aspx?ID=4617


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By Family Features
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