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M.O.M. Mom Operating Manual

By Jessica Henson onMay 07, 2012

M.O.M. Mom Operating Manual

For moms of all ages

M.O.M. is written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Laura Cornell and is a great gift from one mom to another. This book is hysterical and hits the spot with new and seasoned mothers. Moms will find themselves laughing out loud throughout the book because we have all found ourselves in these situations from time to time. M.O.M is narrated by giving tips and instructions to the child, however this is a book for moms!

Some of the Cronin's best lines are:

"Your mom is likely not getting enough sleep if... she is trying to lick the bottom of her coffee cup... you must insist that your mother take a nap, or find someone tall enough to pour her another cup of coffee."

"Moms are the most adaptable human models on the planet... They can function with little or no sleep, little or no food, and little or no cooperation from the rest of us."

Highly amusing illustrations perfectly accompany the fun verbiage and make for a great treat for moms!

Reviewed by Jessica Henson of Kidz Tales Children's Books


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By Jessica Henson | May 07, 2012

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Jessica Henson

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