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Mom, Is Social Media Stressing You Out?

How do you feel after checking in on your social media pages: happy, sad, excited, intimidated? During a recent parenting class, a number of young parents were discussing how depressing Facebook and Pinterest can be, especially for moms.

Don’t other parents have vacations that turn into disasters?

I know my Easter table didn’t look like a magazine spread.

How can so many of my friends travel to so many exotic places?

My kids’ birthday parties never look like Pinterest parties.

I cannot possibly decorate cupcakes like that!

Social media is a sticky wicket! Pins and posts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can be both delightful and depressing. The ideas are terrific while the expectations we put on ourselves can be overwhelming.

Moms, my advice is to be realistic. Usually only the best makes it to Facebook, the wonderful trips, the darling children, and the thoughtful husband who remembered the wedding anniversary. Life hardships are typically not posted. Pinterest has the best of the best pinned up for the world to see. Be realistic of your own desires and expectations. Create boundaries for yourself.

Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you are scrolling through your social media feed.

  • No one posts epic failures. Or even small failures. The kid party that was a disaster, the cookies that nobody would eat, the overcooked turkey.

  • Nobody is perfect. Give yourself a break. Replicating Pinterest ideas is not a mandate for a good mommy award. Pictures can be photo shopped. Just like the models in magazines, the pictures can be altered and enhanced for perfection. Time is a consideration. What are you capable of at this point in time? Ideas shared on social media are often the result of hours spent on a project.

  • The finished product may be the result of multiple times to get it right. That one thing a friend keeps pinning and posting may be her one thing. The beautiful garden shots? Her home may be a mess. The gorgeous birthday cards? Her cakes may be all store-bought. The beautifully decorated home? Her way of controlling her out of control life. We don’t know what’s behind each pin or post.

  • Drop the comparisons. There are a few exceptional people out there that seem to do it all. Remind yourself, you are God’s child, precious in His sight, made perfectly just as you are with your very own gifts and talents. Expound on what you do well!

Don’t get me wrong. I like social media. Facebook is a great way to stay connected to friends and family. I enjoy liking friend’s exploits, adventures, cute kids, grandchildren, and personal accomplishments. There are lots of interesting websites, do-able ideas, and yummy recipes on Pinterest. Twitter is just plain fun to read because it’s quick.

Pin, post, and follow to your heart’s content. Be happy for those with great family shots, vacation photos, and party ideas. Pick and choose what you will replicate or tweak from Pinterest to suit your needs and the needs of your family. Like and comment on your family and friend’s great adventures.

But keep this fact in your heart…God has great plans for you. You don’t need to be perfect or compare your efforts with others on social media for Him! He loves you just the way you are! Remember, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well” (Psalm 139:14 ESV).






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About the Author

Becky Danielson, M.Ed.

Becky Danielson, M.Ed.

Becky Danielson, M.Ed., has two of the best job descriptions, wife and mom. She is also a licensed Parent & Family Educator, co-founder of 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting, and the co-author of Raising Little Kids with Big Love and Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love along with Study Guides. The series is available on Amazon. Becky and her family live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Subscribe to the parenting newsletter at FaithFirstParent.com and the quarterly newsletter at 1Corinthians13Parenting.com for parenting tips, strategies, and resources to equip and encourage you on your parenting journey.


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