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Mice on Ice

By Jessica Henson

By Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 3-5

Mice on Ice is part of the I Like to Read® Book Collection. Ed Emberley, an award winning illustrator, composed this easy read with his daughter Rebecca. Not only is this a fun story suitable for beginner readers, but the visuals on every page are very appealing to the reader as well.

This is a simple story about mice skating on ice. As the story progresses, they find they are not alone! A surprise friend greets them on the ice, a cat with a hat.

I would recommend this for children just learning to read. The rhymes are exceptionally simple, predominately a picture book. The illustrations are brilliant, colorful and different than your average read, but the story line does not evolve much farther than the title. Overall, I would recommend Ice on Mice because of the extraordinary illustration design, not so much the plot; the pictures alone are worth it for young readers.

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By Jessica Henson

About the Author

Jessica Henson

Jessica Henson

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