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Maybe One Day…

By Jennifer Snyder

 "Maybe one day.  Just in case.  What if."  These statements are the hallmark of cluttered thinking – and we all know that cluttered thinking leads to cluttered lives.  When we take away all of the junk surrounding our clutter – both in our heads and in our homes – we find that fear is at the heart of it all.  That's right, fear.

Fear that we will make a (wrong) decision.  Fear that we will forget (both things and the people/memories they represent).  Fear that we will be forgotten.  Fear that we are less than perfect and fear of perfectionism all at once.  Fear of an audit.  Fear of being without.  Fear of guilt.  Fear of shame.  It can be literally endless.

Fear keeps a strong hold on us and it is information that will ultimately set us free.  Here are some examples that will hopefully start you on the path to conquering your clutter by looking past whatever fear is holding you back.

Audit – The IRS dictates that families and individuals without a business should maintain their records for three (3) years.  Yep, that's it.  That means that your 2010 tax returns and older can be shredded.  The IRS also concludes that scanned copies are sufficient for auditing purposes.  This is good news!

Decisions – When making decisions, the only truly wrong one is to make no decision.  When making the "correct" choice, we are able to learn and move forward toward our dreams (hopefully).  When making the "incorrect" choice, we are yet again given an opportunity to learn and, who knows, maybe even move us in a direction we once thought impossible.  By not making a decision, we are idle.  When idle too long we become stuck.  Sound familiar?

Forgetting – We keep things because we don't want to forget; trips, important life events like births, weddings and graduations (not necessarily in that order), even work related stuff.  Think with me for a minute.  What is the likelihood that you will forget your wedding day, the birth of your children?  It isn't the stuff that really matters it's the people.  You would be surprised how often I see the two confused.

We also don't want to be forgotten.  We want to make a difference and to feel important.3850754_s  Here is a harsh and ugly truth: the number of Beanie Babies you own is in no way commensurate with your importance in the world.  If you make beautiful things for people, give them.  If you collect beautiful things for others, bestow them.  Let kindness and generosity be your legacy, not your stuff.

Perfection – Achieving perfection is as like trying to capture a bird's song in a jar.  You can wish forever and try until you die but it will never become a reality.  Identify what is good enough for you.  Let that become your new "perfect".

Maybe one day you will have less stuff.  Maybe one you will feel that you need less stuff.  Maybe one day you may need something you got rid of in an effort to de-clutter, and that is ok.  Our needs change and things can be replaced.  Know what is best for you then applaud that small yet profound victory.

"Maybe one day" is today to have a Neat day.

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Exerts
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