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Maximizing Unused Spaces

By Jennifer Snyder

Consider your laundry or mud room (or space).  Stand in the doorway (or entrance) then look up, what do you see?  The ceiling is not the correct answer, not that far up.  Is there space up there, lonely and sad?  Boy could you use that space!  If you have high & difficult to reach cabinets, you can store small infrequently used appliances that could free up much needed storage in the kitchen.  Kids' artwork archives or even hubby's college memorabilia can easily be stored in such a place.  No cabinets?  Empty wall space is a treasure trove of storage just waiting to be found.

You can opt for something with doors but regular ole shelving works too.  Depending on what you are storing, a set of hooks may be the best option.  Remember, if you have doors, it opens up the option of concealing your clutter.  Clutter, whether you see it or not, is still clutter!  Should you opt for open shelving (read: without doors) be sure to utilize containers for small items to eliminate an area of organized clutter or cluttered organization.  Either way is frustrating!

Purchasing storage bins is the first step many people take in the process of getting better organized.  This can be a big mistake if not carefully thought through.  Stuffing stuff in bins, without careful consideration and planning only gives you boxed up clutter.  Remember cluttered organization before?  My recommendation is to refrain from purchasing anything until you have a plan for the pieces.

Here are some simple steps to maximizing your unused space, outlined in bullet points so you can cut them out and tape to the fridge:

  • Identify your empty vertical spaces

  • Determine what would be a good use for such a space

  • How do you want to use it?  How will you REALLY use it?

  • Measure your space then measure your stuff.

  • Purchase necessary organizing supplies based on measurements and uses.

  • Install

  • Take pictures and brag to your friends on Facebook!

It's that easy! Don't forget to label the containers with your handy-dandy label maker!

Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder, CPOÒ
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts

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