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Make Conservation Fun With These Eco-Friendly Activities

Going green doesn’t have to mean digging in a compost pile and eating only vegetables. Think outside of the recycled box and find ways to make earth conservation fun. Here are some family activities that can help you introduce the idea of environmental protection to your children. 

1. Plant a garden

There’s no better way to help the environment than by adding to the eco system with new plants. And when you plant a garden full of things your family will eat, you are also cutting down on harmful emissions and other pollutants that can be released into the air during manufacturing. 

And planting a garden doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Dollar stores typically sell bags of potting soil, pots and planters, and seed packets that can help you get started. You can even start some seedlings in used egg shells that can be planted right into the ground. Or you can create DIY seed bombs that can be made from materials you already have at home and planted in the ground. 

Here’s an article about growing your own mini porch garden.

2. Make toys out of recyclables 

Becoming more environmentally-minded can be fun when you use recyclables to create new things for your kids to play with. You can try creating this adorable cardboard tube dog puppet that is sure to be hours of fun, these juice box stacking blocks, or even let your kids make their own creations. My children enjoy finding glass bottles, paper towel tubes and other odds and ends to make music. 

3. Learn more about conservation

Children are hungry for knowledge, especially about the world around them. So, take the time to learn about conservation with them. You can read books like, Flight of the Bumblebee by Raymond Huber, and then construct your own bee nest to help pollinators do their important work. You can also go on a pollinator scavenger hunt in your own neighborhood. 

4. Visit zoos and aquariums

Part of protecting our environment is keeping animal populations alive. Do some research and find out the types of animals that are endangered and point those out when you take a trip to the zoo or aquarium. This will help your children make a connection between the animals they see and the ones who need their help. There are even organizations, like the World Wildlife Fund, that allow you to “sponsor” animals. Each sponsorship includes information about the species and a gift like a stuffed animal.

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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