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Make Boo-Boos Better with a Travel First-Aid Kit

By Family Features

If your vacation involves being active and the outdoors, and your kids are adventurous, cuts and scrapes are inevitable. And even the smallest boo-boo can put a damper on a family vacation. Putting together a travel first-aid kit can help you take care of those boo-boos and get everyone back on track for having fun.Some first-aid travel essentials include:

Bandages: Contrary to the old myth that you should let your wounds air out, you should always cover them up with bandages to keep out dirt and germs, which results in better and faster healing.

Your phone: For those traumatic moments of hurt, Band-Aid Brand has introduced a new mobile app called Band-Aid Magic Vision, featuring Disney's The Muppets. The app uses augmented reality technology to provide parents with the ability to help their kids forget about boo-boos, and transform moments of hurt into moments of healing and virtual fun like never before. The app is easy to download on your iPhone or iPad, so you have it on hand whether you're in the car or at the beach. Learn more at www.band-aid.com/magicvision.

Antibiotic ointment: Have an antibiotic ointment on hand, such as Neosporin, to kill bacteria and minimize any scarring from wounds.

Small cold pack: Keep a fun gel pack in the cooler to help relieve the pain of bumps and the sting of scrapes.

Sunscreen and aloe gel: Keep plenty of sunscreen on hand for everyone. And in case the kids do get too much sun, aloe gel can soothe the sting.

Itch cream: Mosquitoes, chiggers and other biting insects are everywhere, so plan ahead for itch relief.

Cleaning aids: Pack cotton balls, swabs and antibacterial wipes to clean dirt, sweat and sunscreen out of wounds.

Source: http://www.familyfeatures.com/

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By Family Features
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