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Not rated. On DVD 5/07. Ok for kids 7+. 

This live-action family spinoff from the cult favorite "Doctor Who" series features his longtime robot pet dog, K-9, as re-imagined by "Doctor Who" creator Bob Baker. However, if you're a "Doctor Who" fan, don't expect any major crossovers. This was not produced by the BBC, so K-9 conveniently loses his memory and has to start over with new companions. K-9 is a cybernetic creature from the 50th century with the appearance of an earth dog. He travels to the 21st century, arriving at the London home of Professor Gryffen, a renowned scientist working on the Alien Space-Time-Manipulator, which can open a portal to anywhere in space and time. When alien warriors attack Gryffen and two teenagers - homeless rebel Starkey and brainy girl Jorjie - K-9 self-detonates to save them, but is soon regenerated thanks to a device implanted in his mainframe. Now he can fly and do other cool stuff, and thus begins his quest to not only protect humanity, but also discover more about his past. It's a fun mash-up of "The X-Files," "Men in Black," and "Ghostbusters," with lots of action and adventure.

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Jane Boursaw

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