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I'm Like You, You're Like Me

By Jessica Henson

By Cindy Gainer

Ages 4-6
Hardcover; 48 pages.

A book about understanding and appreciating each other.

People are unique in their own ways and this story does a wonderful job at pointing this out for children. It teaches children to recognize similarities, accept one another's differences, and appreciate each other for who we are.

"One of us is bigger, one of us is smaller.
Our skin may be dark, light, or in between.
We can both tie our shoes.
We can both write our names."

This book is full of obvious likeness and comparisons that children face on a daily basis. This book reiterates the importance of accepting one another despite of it all, and the meaning of being kind.

The illustrations, done by Miki Sakamoto, are sure to be a hit with the kids. Bright and entertaining, and easily relatable, each page portraying children's conflicted scenarios.

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By Jessica Henson

About the Author

Jessica Henson

Jessica Henson

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