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If Rocks Could Sing

By Jessica Henson

By Leslie McGuirk

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 3-6

An alphabet book filled with mesmerizing pictures made solely rocks. A mix between a geology textbook and a baby book, this is different than any story you'll ever get your hands on. Hard to imagine! But between you and me, it's worth the find!

From deeper research, I found this book was created with the purpose of highlighting the treasures many people overlook. Each rock featured in this alphabet book is a real rock found on the shore of Florida, unaltered in any way.

The shapes of these rocks are almost unbelievable at times... from R for rabbit to T for toast. The granules in the stone give the perfect illusion of whole wheat toast, this story is a true treat!

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By Jessica Henson

About the Author

Jessica Henson

Jessica Henson

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