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By Stephanie Falcone
With warm weather comes frozen snacks and this summer was surely the start of something sweet! Frozen yogurt, or better known as froyo, is the latest craze across the nation.

But why? That's the question that constantly pops into my head when passing the always fashionable ice cream shops. Why are frozen yogurt franchises constantly being built in the same areas? What's the difference? Let's get to the bottom of this!

Starting with the basics… ice cream and frozen yogurt can both be defined by simply their name. Ice cream is a frozen mixture of CREAM, flavorings, sweeteners, and thickeners while frozen yogurt is made of either nonfat or regular YOGURT, flavorings, sweeteners, and thickeners. Quite obvious, the major difference is churned cream or yogurt.

Moving on… which is healthier? This is a vital concern for many now a days and I'm sure the question you're all dying to know the answer to. Well, I'm sorry to say… after extensive research, this is not a flat out yes/ no answer. Choosing the healthiest option of a frozen treat is determined by the nutrition facts of each specific brand, serving size and flavor. You know… fats, carbs, calories… let me break it down for you!

One of the most popular items at a grocery store is ice cream. Ice cream is known to take over lengthy aisles with the vast variety of options (which I'm sure the kids have pointed you in the right direction to already!). Ice cream can be found as reduced fat, low fat, no fat, low carb, no added sugar, and just plain regular. Depending on which you choose, the amount of fat content differs. One might think the best option is choosing the reduced/ no fat products, which is true, but beware of increased sugar content (check the back label!)

As for frozen yogurt, it contains a lot less fat. The fat content is actually 1/3 of what ice cream contains. The healthiest route to go is fat free frozen yogurt weighing in at 0-0.05% fat content, compared to regular ice cream at a whopping 10% fat and higher.

The amount of sugar fluctuates between brands but ice cream generally surpasses frozen yogurt in this category. Ice cream normally contains anywhere between 30-50 grams of sugar while frozen yogurt contains merely 15-20 grams. Be sure to check the label!

Now that's a language we all understand. When counting calories, both ice cream and frozen yogurt are on the same page. When given the option of regular or low fat, stick with the low fat. In most cases, it tastes just as good and you'll be consuming 1/2-1/4 of the amount of calories. Low fat ice cream and fat-free frozen yogurt contains only 90-120 calories per serving (topics not included!)

Now you are able to make your own decision on whether to scoop up a serving of ice cream or the new celebrity, frozen yogurt (depending on the what ingredient you are trying to avoid most).

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By Stephanie Falcone
Categories:  Kid's Health & Safety

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