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How to Have Your Own Fabulous, Organized Desktop

By Jennifer Snyder

I have heard that a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind (and also that a clean desk reflects a sick mind – but we aren't talking about that today) but what about your computer desktop?  It doesn't do much good if your stapler is tucked neatly into a drawer if you have a hundred files on your computer desktop.  We are here to help!  Let's get started…

Make your own folders that are relevant to you.
You computer comes with a few folders already established to "make you more efficient".  You don't work or think exactly like anyone else in the entire world so your folders need to be as unique as you are.  You can either use your preset Documents folder or create a new one on the desktop with your name, business name, or any fun moniker you like.  After all, work is supposed to be fun, right?  The trick is to be VERY generalized here.

Examples:  Jennifer, Neat as a Pin, My Organized Files, Fabulousness

For the sake of this article, we will use "Jennifer" as our file name.

Inside the Jennifer folder we are going to create some more generalized yet slightly more specific folders.  Strive to have no less than three and no more than six in this section.  The names should be short and sweet, two (three, if you must) words tops.

Examples: Home, Family, Fun, Work

Simple, right?  You are doing great, let's keep going.

Break down folders into meaningful categories.
We are now going to break down these folders into categories that will work for our brains.  For this example, I am going to use the Family folder, because we all have families, even if they are of the canine variety.

Example: Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Dog, Cat, Fish (use proper names here, please), Extended family (do not use proper names here)

These folders will most likely have another layer of folders (not the pets) like the Extended Family folder will have the actual names of family members in folders inside that one.

In this example, I will break down the Son folder.

Son: Vitals (shot records, etc), Education, Health & Wellness, Spiritual, Sentimental, Medical, Dental, Vision, Social (party printables, etc.)

Move into your fabulous new files.
You simply have to use your mouse to drag and drop the old files into their new homes.  Be careful not to simply create a new file whenever something doesn't fit logically.  Wait on that one for a minute and see if you have something else that will go there.

A file with one piece of paper isn't a file, it is clutter.  (Tape that to your filing cabinet.)

As you are moving files, make sure the names make sense and are specific enough to know what they are while short enough to read in the abbreviated format shown in your files.

Have trouble?  Post electronic filing questions (or any organizing question) on my Facebook page: Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts.

Have an electronically Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Exerts
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