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Help Your Kids Create Hand-Crafted Gifts This Holiday Season

By Jessa McClure
Children boy and girl making decoration for Christmas.During the gift-giving season, we often buy gifts that are "from" our children that they had nothing to do with. While it might be easier and neater to have your children give their friends, teachers and grandparents gifts you've pre-purchased, hand-made gifts give your children the chance to use their creative skills and show their loved ones how much they care.

Here are some homemade suggestions by age:


  • Painted canvas bag or apron

What could be cuter and more practical than a canvas bag or an apron with your toddler's handprint emblazoned upon it? Whether you orchestrate the placement of their hands in a pretty pattern or let them create something of their own, you can't lose.

  • "Hand"-crafted pot holders

These adorable kitchen aids will not only become a memento, but they will also offer Grandma and Grandpa the chance to see their favorite grandchild's handprint every time they take a pie out of the oven.

  • Melted crayon rocks

These colorful, kid-crafted gifts make great paper weights or decorations. And creating them together will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your kids before the chaos of the holidays.

School-Aged Children

  • Sock puppet

Who doesn't have a spare sock with no mate floating around their home? Put that lone sock to good use by helping your child create a one-of-a-kind puppet. They can glue on buttons, googly eyes and felt to create a gift their friends or siblings will want to play with for years to come.

  • Decorated candles

This easy, do-it-yourself craft is perfect for children who are beginning to have their own ideas about art. All you need is plain candles and permanent markers, and you have a gift even mom can't return.

  • Homemade grippy socks

These warm and fuzzy gifts would be a great stocking stuffer or teacher appreciation gift. All it takes is a pair of comfy socks and some inexpensive puff paint.


  • Clay-covered pens

This simple gift is a great way for your budding artist to create a one-of-kind gift. All you need is some colorful, air-dry modeling clay and an inexpensive pen.

  • Homemade jump rope

While your pre-teen might be growing out of her years of jumping rope, this cool craft might spark her interest once more. Not only is this an inexpensive gift to give, and a craft to do at home, but it is also helping the environment by putting those plastic grocery sacks to good use.

  • Duct tape wallets and purses

The world of duct tape crafts is vast. You can make everything from capes for your Lego figures to prom dresses. But, for the average kid-crafter a handy boys' wallet or a pretty girls' purse might be just the right speed.


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