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Help New Homeowners Settle In with These Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether it’s your first house or your fifth, moving to a new location with all of your stuff (and all your kids’ stuff) is a feat in itself. And once you get there you can’t find what you need to cook meals, dress for fifties day at school or sweep the front porch.

While some people have a party to commemorate this momentous occasion, some couldn’t think of hosting a house full of people after just settling into their new digs. So, why not bless a family who’s just moved into a new home with a gift that says, “Congratulations on this milestone. Don’t worry about inviting me in.”

Here are a few gift ideas for helping to warm someone’s new house without giving them more work to do.

Customized Cutting Board

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a personalized homemade gift. And if the new homeowners are anything like me, they probably have no idea where their cutting board is. The woman behind Bumble Bree Blog created an adorable housewarming gift by drawing on a wooden cutting board and then burning the image into the wood with wood-burning tools.

Not only was it something personal to say how much the new homeowners are loved, but it is also a useful tool for the kitchen

Gift Baskets
Who has time to run to the store for groceries, cleaning supplies or paper products when you’re attempting to unload and organize years’ worth of accumulated stuff? One way to give the new homeowners a little break is to bring them a basket full of items they don’t have to go and buy.

Cortnac.com created a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift basket out of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels and Ziploc bags. Not only is it adorable, but it will be great to have around. Create Craft Love thought one step further and created a basket full of batteries, Command strips and Krazy Glue for all of those unexpected problems that arise when you’re relocating.

Another great way to bless a new homeowner is to bring them a meal. B-Inspired Mama created a basket that contained all the ingredients and utensils for a holiday meal. Not only does this save the family from having to go shopping, but it also gives them that all-important settled feeling sooner than later.

Offer to Help

Even if you don’t have the time or the resources to create an overflowing gift basket for your recently relocated friend or family member, you can still help out. Offer to watch their kids while they go out to eat or get out of the house for a few hours, cook them a meal at their home and let them relax, or offer to deconstruct cardboard boxes so there’s less moving clutter hanging around.

Just being there for a new homeowner will make all the difference during this stressful transition.

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