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Healthy After School Snacks That Taste Like a Treat

After a long day at school, your children are ravenous carnivores, devouring everything they can get their hands on. But, even though they are starving, it’s not always good to let them graze until their bellies hurt. So, what’s a mother carnivore supposed to do? Try to get them to choose healthier, more filling options so they’re not overdoing it on foods with empty calories.

Here are some kid-friendly, after-school snacks that are full of fruits and vegetables, and will quiet any child’s hunger.


Frozen Grapes

Kids love grapes, but if they don’t get eaten right away they can become that mystery smell in the fridge within a few days. So, in order to keep them fresh and provide a refreshingly fruity treat on a hot day, pop them in the freezer after rinsing and drying them and you’ll have a treat everyone will love.

Frozen Yogurt-Covered Blueberries

The best part of the hot months is that berries are in season and are usually less expensive to buy at the grocery store. One Good Thing By Jillee created a sweet treat by combining one of the best summer berries (blueberries) with some healthy Greek yogurt. She dipped the blueberries in the yogurt and popped them in the freezer. These would be great for an after school snack for the kids or a late night snack for you.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

One of the best ways to get kids to eat the healthy stuff is by allowing them to dip it in something that tastes even better. This peanut butter fruit dip from Cooking Classy combines honey, peanut butter and Greek yogurt. The protein-filled dip could compliment any fruit, and make your kids think they are getting a special treat.


Cucumber Dip Cups

These adorable and edible dip cups from Make the Best of Everything are almost too cute to eat. All you have to do to create your own is to cut some cucumbers into thick slices, and use a melon scoop to scoop out the center of the cucumber. When you’ve done that, combine some sour cream with a little garlic seasoning or whatever you have lying around and spoon it into the cucumbers. Then add your favorite veggie sticks and you have a healthy snack kids will want to eat.

Cucumber Crisps

If your kids are always reaching for the chips when they get home from school, then try making them a batch of cucumber crisps. They are crunchy and salty and are a lot healthier than chips. You can also try experimenting with other flavors like garlic or cinnamon.

Green Smoothie

While your kids might not grab a handful of spinach leaves from the fridge, they might be willing to drink a smoothie with a little green thrown in. These green smoothie recipes from Random Recycling combine spinach with a fruity flavors like banana, melon and coconut to create a healthy snack that tastes like a treat.


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Jessa McClure

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