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Hands-On Field Trips Connect Curriculum with Real World

Children love to use their senses to gain knowledge about the world around them, which is why hands-on field trips are a great option for your class or grade level.

Hands-on experiences offer great insights into the world outside of the classroom, and allow children to gain real-world knowledge, make connections to the curriculum, and use their senses to gain information they can’t get from a book.

Here are some hands-on field trip ideas that will have your class shouting Hooray!  

Free “Tours”
There are many places around your town that would be willing to offer children the chance to explore and get some real-world experience without a hefty price tag.

  • Bakery – Kids can learn how ingredients become yummy treats and might even get to help make some.
  • Fire station – Children might get the chance to try on a fireman’s gear, run through a simulated home and hear the fire truck’s siren.
  • Grocery store – This field trip could give children the chance to stack boxes, unload produce, or help at the checkout.
  • Library – Not every child gets the opportunity to visit a city library, and this would be a great opportunity for children to touch and explore different types of books and maybe even get their very own library card.
  • State park – These parks are often full of beautiful outdoor scenery and plants and wildlife to see and explore.

Field Trip Locations with Hands-on Experiences

  • Aquarium – Take your lessons on the ocean to an aquarium where students can experience sea life up close. Some aquariums even have exhibits where children can “pet” sea animals.
  • Children’s museum – museums geared toward children are great for hands-on learning. They are often equipped with exhibits that are specifically built to be touched and explored.
  • Skating rink – Not only will children have a great time skating, but a skating rink is a great way to learn about motion, physics, and other scientific terms.
  • Farm – Children love animals and getting to see, touch (and maybe smell) animals they’ve only read about in books is a great way to connect curriculum with experience.

Field Trips that Come to You

  • Petting zoo – If your budget is small or you’re not able to take your class to a local farm, then a petting zoo can be a great alternative. They are often mobile and offer children the same experiences with barnyard animals.
  • Animal shelter or ASPCA – Some animal shelters are equipped to transport dogs or cats that are up for adoption to schools and other events. Representatives from the shelter or association will often provide information about their services and the importance of adopting shelter animals.
  • Dentist – Dentists are often equipped to provide educational services to schools and other educational institutions, where children get the chance to see, hear and feel the equipment that is used at the dentist and why it is important to properly clean your teeth.




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