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Gift-giving Ideas for the Service Providers in Your Life

You've baked the cookies, you've wrapped the gifts and you've watched all of the traditional television Christmas movies. You're feeling accomplished and ahead of the game, until your babysitter rings the doorbell and you realize you forgot to include her in your holiday shopping.

While giving gifts to the service providers in your life (teachers, mailmen, child care providers, etc.) isn't a necessity, it is certainly a nice gesture and good etiquette, according to the queen of etiquette, Emily Post.

While you want to continue to get good service, the thought behind remembering the men and women who provide year-long services is simply to say thank you.

Here are some things Emilypost.com suggests you think about when choosing a thank you gift for your service providers:

  • Your budget – If you don't have the funds to give your babysitter an advance in her paycheck, then don't go overboard.

  • Consider a handmade gift – Something thoughtful and from the heart might be just the thing to boost your service provider's spirits this holiday season.

  • Make it personal – Even if you decide to just give your hairstylist or your child's teacher a gift card, make sure to include a handwritten note that expresses your appreciation for what they have done for you or your child.

  • Consider length of service – If you've used the same child care provider for many years, it might be nice to give him or her something a bit more than you gave them last year.

Once you've decided on the amount you'd like to spend thanking your service providers, now you have to come up with a gift. Here are some suggestions that won't break the bank.

While new supplies (fresh crayons, construction paper and glue) might be a good idea, I think it's always nice to give your child's teacher something special that's just for them. Whether you put together a goodie bag full of home pedicure essentials or bake them a batch of their favorite cookies, they will appreciate the thought behind your gift.

Child Care Provider
You trust your child care provider with your most precious gifts and they deserve a special treat at the holidays. While a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or department store might be a great way to say thank you, it might also be nice to give them a meaningful gift. Try making these easy salt dough footprint keepsakes that your little ones can help you create.

This man or woman keeps you looking like a movie star (or close) all year long and they deserve your appreciation. The etiquette for "thanking" your hairstylist is to give the cost of one visit. But if you can't stretch your budget that far, then try your hand at creating a handmade gift like this cute apron.

Mailman (or woman)
Through rain, snow, sleet and blinding heat, your mailperson carries your mail to your mailbox with a smile and a friendly word. Thanking these ever-present service providers is a great idea, but there are some rules for giving to these government workers. They cannot accept cash, checks, gift cards or any other form of currency. They can, however, accept snacks and perishable gifts. So, why not bake up some easy lemon Cool Whip cookies and leave them for your mailman? Back To Top

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

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