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Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Pops to Make With Your Kids

These fruit and yogurt pops make for a refreshing, healthy, and not-too-sweet treat for kids and adults alike. With some adult supervision for younger children, this recipe is one your kids will love to make with you.


- 3 cups of Greek vanilla yogurt

- 1 cup of granola

- 1 16-oz pkg. of fresh strawberries

- 1 12-oz pkg. of fresh blackberries

- Honey to taste

- Popsicle molds

How to Make:

Wash and dry the fruit. Put the strawberries in one sauce pan and the blackberries in another.  Add honey (start with two tablespoons and add more to taste) to each pan.  Cook on medium heat for about twenty minutes until fruit is thickened. Remove from heat and cool completely.

Once cool, fold in one cup of Greek vanilla yogurt to each pan of cooked-down fruit.  In a separate bowl, mix one cup of the yogurt with one cup of granola.

Spoon a layer of the yogurt/granola mixture and the fruit/yogurt mixtures into each Popsicle mold. Tap molds on counter after adding each layer to eliminate air bubbles and to make removing the frozen pops easier. Insert Popsicle sticks and freeze six hours or overnight.

For easy removal, run warm water over the frozen molds first. 

These pops are great for after-school snacks as well as an after-dinner treat.  

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About the Author

Jill Pinkham Nelson

Jill Pinkham Nelson

Jill is a Waco mom to two, grandmother (Jilly) to one, a retired teacher, and decorator. She'll paint anything that doesn’t move, has logged more hours at her sewing machine than she can remember, and loves to create beautiful rooms for herself and others. She was a do-it-yourselfer before DIY was cool, and she likes the challenge of working within a budget and making every dollar count. She is the author of the blog JustPlainJilly.com that offers even more decorating tips and other pearls of wisdom. 

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