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Free and Easy Exercises Just for Moms

19203387_lIf you can't seem to find time to exercise in your hectic kid-centric world, then try these exercises that will get you up and moving, and feeling like yourself again.

Whether you have a newborn or a house full of teenagers, you're probably still a busy mom worrying about everyone else but yourself. This self-neglect often bleeds over into your health and fitness, especially after the carb-overload that is the holidays. But, tomorrow is another day, and with these easy exercises, you can be back on track and finding time to focus on you again.

Exercises for New Moms
No one is more swept up in survival mode than a new mother. Whether it's her first or her fifth, there never seems be enough time to do anything when you have a squirming, pink bundle of joy demanding to be fed every two hours (if you're lucky). Staying in your pajamas all day, wearing stained clothing and not having time to take a shower can all make you feel bad about yourself, not to mention looking down and seeing the belly that still has not retreated after giving birth.

While exercising would be nice, who has time for that? The answer:  use your baby to exercise. Your baby gets much-needed bonding and snuggle time while you work out those tired muscles and tone your body. Here are some easy exercises you can do with your baby that will get you up and moving, and reunite you with the world outside of your home.

Exercises for Busy Moms
Even if you don't have a screaming newborn at home, that doesn't mean you're not all-consumed by the daily grind of being a parent. When you're carting everyone to a different activity, cooking dinner and helping with homework, there doesn't seem to be any time left for working out or getting in shape.

While going to the gym might be a great way to escape the craziness of everyday life, that's not always financially possible for everyone. Here are some free workouts you can do in just a few minutes that will get you back on track and feeling like yourself again.

Exercises for Working Moms
Working moms have it rough. They carry a full work load, manage a household, and try to balance it all without losing their sanity. When you're spinning all of those plates, who wants to add exercising to the mix? Why not work out while you work?

There are lots of ways to get in some exercising while you're making phone calls and checking emails. Here are few workplace exercises you might like to try.

Exercises for Moms in Pain
Sometimes being a mom can be a painful job. Whether you're carrying around an infant or giving piggyback rides to a four-year-old (I don't recommend it), you've probably experienced some kid-related fatigue or injury that makes moving around more difficult.

If you're pain in the neck isn't literal, then you might want to try some of these exercises that could help relieve pain for the next time your son wants you to be the horsey. Back To Top

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Jessa McClure

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