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Forever Families: Nevaeh

Thirteen-year-old Nevaeh is quiet but inquisitive and has a smile that melts your heart. He plays the saxophone and participates in the STEM club. He is a builder, an engineer and loves spending time with his Big Brother in the Big Brother Big Sister program.

He has experienced a lot of loss in his 13 years but has so much love to give. As he gets older, it’s even more important that he find the stability he deserves and a forever family that will give him support and encouragement. As children become teenagers in the system it gets harder to find them adoptive homes, but it is a critical time in their lives.

Nevaeh has two siblings and would like to maintain a relationship with them. He’s eager to join a loving and accepting family. He’s just waiting for that family to find him. You can read his bio on The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children. You can see more about “Forever Families” on 25 News. Go to and click on the “Forever Families” tab for more information.


Photo by Marilyn Griggs Photography, The Heart Gallery of Central Texas

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About the Author

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman is a Central Texas native. The Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist is also the host of "Texas Voices." She is the mom to four children and is an advocate for children in foster care and adoption.


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