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Forever Families: May Is Foster Care Month

While hundreds of Central Texas children are waiting for adoption, the world has changed in significant ways due to COVID-19.  Many services usually provided to children in the foster care system had to be done virtually. Partnerships for Children set up a fund to help foster families in need and provided masks and hand sanitizer to CPS caseworkers so they could continue to keep kids safe.  Although the system has been heavily affected by the pandemic, there have also been reasons to celebrate, like the adoption of Izzy and Anna. PFC Board Member Christy Rome fostered these sweet sisters and in April the girls joined their forever family in a virtual adoption celebration. Usually an adoption is finalized in court and is a celebration filled with balloons and stuffed animals. Even though this adoption was completed on a Zoom call, it wasn’t short on support and festivities. Pictures were taken of the new members of the Krueger-Weber family underneath a balloon arch at the girls’ forever home. If you are interested in adoption or learning more about helping foster children during the pandemic and beyond, go to kxxv.com and click on the "Forever Families" tab or visit partnershipsforchildren.org




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About the Author

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman is a Central Texas native. The Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist is also the host of "Texas Voices." She is the mom to four children and is an advocate for children in foster care and adoption.


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