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Forever Families: Kimeon

Each day more than 900 children in Central Texas wait for a family and a place to call home.  That number is growing every day. On average they will move seven different times before leaving foster care.  Each child is precious and more than the number they represent. That's why "The Heart Gallery of Central Texas" features approximately 200 children each year.When we receive word that a child has portrait is exhibited around Central Texas in local businesses, churches, public spaces and featured on "Forever Families" on 25 News every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Nationally, the chance of harder-to-place children finding forever families is less than one percent. In Central Texas that number has surpassed 60% and continues to grow.

Hooray for Family is teaming up with 25 News to bring you a profile each month of a "Forever Families" child that is also featured in "The Heart Gallery of Central Texas." If even one child finds their forever family through the pages of this magazine, it will change their life forever.

This month meet 12-year-old Kimeon. He is a sweet, smart and respectful child. Kimeon is naturally gifted at sports and wants a forever family. Not only does he hope to be loved unconditionally, but he also hopes to have the stability to join sports teams and have the childhood he's always dreamed of. Kimeon has faced many heart breaks. He thought his adoption journey was over last Christmas when he was placed with a loving family. But after a military deployment, the adoption fell through.  But Kimeon has a kind and open heart. He isn't giving up on finding a family. You can read his bio at www.heartgallerytexas.com. Just search "Kimeon" in View The Gallery.  . If you have a heart for adoption, or want to learn how you can help children in the foster care system go to www.hoorayforfamily.com.


Photo by Marilyn Griggs Photography, The Heart Gallery of Central Texas




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About the Author

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman

Lindsay Liepman is a Central Texas native. The Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist is also the host of "Texas Voices." She is the mom to four children and is an advocate for children in foster care and adoption.


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