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Forever Families: Joshua

Joshua is a bright, respectful, conscientious 13-year-old young man who engages easily with others. He is extremely personable, and is a lot of fun to be around. Joshua is articulate and communicates at a level well beyond his years. He is often described as an old soul. He has many interests including playing soccer, Ninjago Legos, reading anime comic books, and drawing. He is also interested in learning to play the guitar. Joshua loves outdoor activities, especially camping and hiking. He enjoys watching movies like Spider-Man and all the Marvel movies. At school, his favorite classes are math, art, and physical education. His favorite foods are pizza, burgers, and ramen. Joshua's three goals are to live in a nice home by the beach, help children who don’t have parents, and help the poor. He talks about recycling and making the world a cleaner and safer place to live. Joshua describes himself as funny, caring, kind, and respectful. He is willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed and sees himself as a mentor who likes to encourage people when they are down.

Joshua’s forever family will provide a structured environment and clear direction, and dedicate one-on-one time with him. Joshua would prefer to be in a two-parent household with a family who shares similar interests. He will thrive with a family that enjoys sports and participating in outings and community events together. Joshua’s family will continue to encourage his dreams and goals.

If you’re interested in adopting Joshua, or would like to learn more about adoption, visit https://partnershipsforchildren.org/heartgallery/joshua/.

Photo by Canvas Portraits

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