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Five Family Traditions for the Christmas Season

Along with the busyness of the holidays, come the financial pressures of extra events to attend, gift exchanges, traveling, and more. These are a few family traditions we have adopted that work for our family of five that are low in cost and big on family time. Part of the fun of the season is combining traditions from both our family backgrounds to make our own, new ones.

1. Tour the Neighborhood

After decorating our house, we load everyone up in the minivan to tour the surrounding neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. Our oldest who is 4, has a favorite house to drive past - the one with the blow-up dragon that waves his wings. He looks forward to seeing that particular house’s Christmas decor from year to year.

2. Family Movie Night - Christmas Style

We often have family movie night on Friday evenings. We’ll move the couch closer to the TV (to get that cinematic feel), grab a bunch of blankets and snacks, and cram together on the couch for a movie. During the month of December, we enjoy introducing our kids to the Christmas classics from our own childhood like The Santa Clause,A Christmas Story,and Home Alone.

3. Backyard Fire Pit

The first cooler night of the year is our family’s inaugural fire pit night. We grab the ingredients for s’mores and the kids search the yard for sticks for the fire. (Let’s face it, more chocolate and marshmallows are consumed than actually cooked and eaten as s’mores.) This year one of our son’s neighborhood friends joined in.

4. Christmas Countdown

Now that our oldest has learned his numbers, he is really getting into calendars and what day of the week and month it is. To get ready for Christmas, we’ve printed a calendar for the refrigerator and given him special stickers to put on important dates. He keeps track of what days he goes to Mother’s Day Out and when family and friends are coming over. There’s nothing like childlike expectation! There are tons of free printable advent calendars as well. 

5. Stockings on Christmas Eve

One of our kids’ favorite traditions is opening their stockings on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition my husband grew up with, and it gives everyone a sneak peek into the gift-giving joy that awaits Christmas morning. Some typical stocking stuffer gifts include new battery-operated toothbrushes, Christmas socks, and their favorite candy.

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About the Author

Kennan Buckner

Kennan Buckner

Kennan is a wife and stay-at-home mom to Jaxson and Caden and soon-to-arrive, Emilyn... and don’t forget Reba the rat terrier. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She also helps her husband operate their small side businesses Marken Media Co. www.markenmediaco.com and the shirt design company Promise & Oath http://www.promiseandoath.com/


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