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Easy Fall Decor Ideas for Busy Moms

My kids are completely awesome and I love them more than anything, but they exhaust me in a way that makes me say things like, “I’m tired in my bones.”

Beginning in June, they started
plotting and planning our fall decorations. At the time, I thought it was cute, and I offhandedly answered that we could “definitely decorate for fall this year.”  I was caught up in the joy of summer (my favorite season) and didn’t want to be bothered by thoughts of the dreary fall.

And now it’s officially fall, and I have to make good on my promise to decorate.


So, if you are super crafty and love decorating, you should stop reading right now.

This is not the post for you.

This is a post of five easy decorating ideas for us moms that are totally okay bringing our C game to some things.


1. Fall Wreath

I secretly love wreaths. 

I say that it’s a secret because I have no wreaths in my house and I’ve never made a wreath in my life.
  But I love the way they look in other people’s homes, and I keep saying that I’m going to make one. 

This season might really be the time.

This post from Brittany at Our Home Made Easy shows how to make a great-looking fall wreath in just two steps.
  Surely, I can do that. 

My favorite thing about this project is that the wreath is green and has some cute little pumpkins worked in.
  It is still a great fall wreath, but doesn’t scream, “HALLOWEEN!!”  

So, if you forget to take it down for a month or two, don’t worry. From a distance your Christmas guests probably won’t even notice the pumpkins.

2. Gratitude Pumpkins

This post from The Joy of Boys explains their family tradition of making  pumpkins as a reminder to discuss what they’re grateful for during the month of November.

I love this because it helps to keep everyone focused on being grateful for all the blessings we have during a season of consuming.
  I feel like this would really help my kids to dial back the demands going into December.

3. Fall Book Banner

This super cute fall banner from Tiffany at DreamDesignDIY.com is made of book pages. I love this because we are a family that enjoys reading, so this decoration would represent our personalities. 

The only thing that gives me pause is that I’d have to tear up a book to make the banner!
  But, I’ll push through my hesitancy because it is really cute, and her tutorial assures me that it’s really simple, too.

As seen in the picture, her banner simply says “FALL,” but you could use whatever words you want.
  I will probably be hanging ours across our mantel, so I’m thinking of using the word “GRATEFUL” or “THANKFUL.”

4. Chalk Paint Pumpkins

One year, I tried to be a fun mom and let the kids decorate some tiny pumpkins with Sharpies.  As you can imagine, it went horribly.

My three-year-old son had to go to day care the next day with Sharpie all over his face because he decided to decorate his own face like the pumpkin.

And three-year-olds have quick hands.

Just sayin’.

These chalk paint pumpkins are a million times cuter than the scribbled pumpkins my kids created.
  Crystal has a great tutorial at ourkidthings.com.

5. Yard Monsters

This fall decoration idea is right up my alley. 

It looks simple enough that my kids can actually help, and it’s hilarious.
  Our house has several bushes in the front so these monster eyes would go perfectly.  

Our neighbors decorate for fall as if there is a home decorating contest they are trying to win. I’m hoping that by doing enough of these, my kids will stop telling me that they are embarrassed by our “plain house.”

Check out the full tutorial from Kimbo at agirlandagluegun.com to see the step-by-step directions and some more really cute pictures.

So, there are the five fall decorating projects that I feel like I can realistically complete.
  I know there are more projects that are way more involved and possibly more cute, but I also know that I will never do those.  

As a mom, it’s important to keep our expectations in check - especially for ourselves.
  I can be really hard on myself for failing at things that no one else ever expected me to do.  My kids are young enough and sweet enough that doing a few simple craft projects together will thrill them.

So why should I spend a ton of time, money, and effort to do a big elaborate thing when they’ll be just as happy with some googly eye bushes?

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About the Author

Halee Anthony

Halee Anthony

Halee is a former public school teacher who now has the joy of being a stay-at-home-mom to  her four children.  She is a pastor’s wife who is far from perfect but strives to be more like Christ each day.  In her very limited free time, Halee likes reading, writing, and baking.  You can follow her family’s adventures in vocational ministry on her blog at www.fishbowlfamily.com. 


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