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Easy DIY Halloween Learning Activities for Kids

Fall is here and that means Halloween is just around the corner. While your children might be pondering (and arguing) about what this year’s costume might look like, you might be wondering how you can make this festive time educational. Here are some Halloween-themed activities that will not only get your family in the mood for the spooky holiday, but it will also help to sharpen their learning skills.


After buying little plastic pumpkins for all of the students in your child’s class, you might have a few left over (the craft store was having a sale). If you do, don’t just shove them into the back of the closet. Create a math game like this one from The Krazy Coupon Lady that will have your child practicing their counting skills and enjoying a smiley, pumpkin face.

For some more math-oriented fun, try putting together this adorable spider counting game from Loving My Nest. It will not only give your kids the chance to play with spiders, but it will give them a chance to come up with winning strategies.


Halloween is a time for creepy, crawly creatures, so why not let your child get in on the creepy, crawly action. No Time for Flashcards created a spider web-walking game that not only allows your child to pretend to be a spider, but it also helps them practice their spelling skills. All you need is masking tape and some plastic magnetic letters.

And when you’re finished walking webs, you can use your magnetic letters for another language-building game. Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten created a game that helps children practice letter recognition and utilizes plastic trick-or-treating pumpkins and Bingo dobbers. Not only does the activity help children practice identifying letters, but it also works to strengthen hand-eye coordination.


While Halloween is not always associated with science, you can change that with some cool creations and experiments that will have your children using their brains, even when they’re celebrating. Homeschool Creations created a spooky craft that not only makes a great Halloween decoration, but it also introduces children to the idea of the skeletal system. With some paint and Q-tips, this craft allows the creator to make their very own X-ray.

Science Sparks also utilizes the haunted Halloween theme with their static electricity experiment. With a black balloon, some ghosts cut from paper, and a head full of hair, you can make a whole slew of jumping ghosts that will delight any child and get them thinking like a scientist.



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Jessa McClure

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