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DIY Babyproofing Tips

When you bring a new baby into your home, there are so many things to consider. One of the biggest concerns that parents have is creating a safe environment for their children in which to live and play. Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in kids 14-years-old and younger, according to KidsHealth.org.

Babyproofing your home can be a great way to keep your little ones safe and prevent serious injury. But for some parents, this can be a costly endeavor. Here are some ways to create a safe environment without spending a lot of money

1. DIY Light Switch Cover

To prevent electrical injury, it is important to have light switch and outlet covers. But although most covers help keep little fingers from touching electrical wires, it doesn’t keep curious toddlers from turning the light off and on. While doing this doesn’t pose an immediate threat, it isn’t something you want your child repeating over and over again.

So, why not create a childproof switch cover that will allow you access to the light and keep toddler fingers from playing with the light switch. Deonna from Child at Heart created a cover using a Crystal Light container and some washi tape.

2. Bookshelf/TV Cabinet Cover

Who doesn’t have a bookshelf or TV cabinet in their home that is full of electronics, DVDs and other items that could be dangerous or ruined in the hands of a child? Most childproofing devices for furniture like this are bulky and hard to manipulate. But with a little vinyl and Velcro you can make your own DIY cabinet cover that will keep your kids safe and money in your pocket.

3. Pool Noodle Pinch Preventer

If you have small children, you’ve inevitably experienced the horror of seeing their sweet little fingers pinched in a door. Even though we do our best to keep their digits out of danger, doors just aren’t childproof. But with the help of pool noodle, you can keep their pinchers from peril.

Just cut the pool noodle down one side, creating a “C” shape. Then slip the noodle over the door and there you have it—an inexpensive pinch preventer.

Pool noodles can also be used to keep little heads from being injured during bath time. Cut the noodle to the size of the faucet and slip it over.

4. Rubber Band Cabinet Locks

Keeping small children out of cabinets that contain dangerous chemicals or medications is vital in preventing injury and death. But buying a set of those plastic clamps for every set of cabinets could be costly. For an inexpensive way to keep your kids safe, wrap a rubber band or hair tie around knobs that face each other. They will prevent your child from opening the cabinet, while allowing you access to your supplies and medication.

For more information on childproofing your home, check out this checklist from the Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

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Jessa McClure

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