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DeCluttering Devices

By Jennifer Snyder
A week or so ago I update my iPhone to the new iOS7 software and everything went very smoothly.  The following day I attempted to update my iPad as well and there was insufficient space.  Let me clarify, the iPad is technically only mine in theory as my five-year old son is the reason for most of the apps and information (read: photos and videos).  I had to go through and clean it up to get the update.

As you can imagine, this process highlighted exactly how cluttered my (son's) device had become. It was a jumbled mess of baby apps, business apps, and educational apps.  Although I had divided them into relevant pages, there were a few that simultaneously downloaded with my iPhone that were not properly sorted.  I was amazed at how much space I was able to clear up with just a few minutes and a little determination.  After all, it was the most comprehensive update since the original iPhone.

Here are some things you can do to declutter your devices, new software or not.  It just feels good.

  1. Remove unused apps. It is tempting to leave an app on your device because you might need it "someday." More often than not, someday never comes.  Should "someday" unexpectedly show up, the app is still stored in your iTunes.  Problem solved!

  2. Value Home Screen space. Your device's Home Screen should contain only the apps you use most often (Unsure? Keep a running list for a week).  It is tempting to make folders to have as many apps as possible there but refrain.  Home Screen apps should be used daily.

  3. Keep photos under control. Photos can devour storage space fast. Your photos download to your computer when you sync so there is little reason to store them on your phone.  Keep only those that you plan to share along the way…keeping in mind how many pictures you would  e willing to see of your coworkers grandkids.  Be considerate here.

  4. Reclaim storage space. Launch the Settings app and then tap General and then Usage. You'll get a list of your apps and how much space each is using. Some photo apps maintain their own camera rolls of photos in addition to what your iPhone's Camera maintains. Delete those duplicate photos to save a lot of space.

Keeping it simple is going to simplify your life and save you tons of time, even if they are a few seconds at a time.

Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional Organizer
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts

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