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Creative Ways to Tell Your Loved Ones You’re Expecting

There's nothing more exciting than telling your friends and family that you are expecting a new bundle of joy! These days, it seems like announcing your pregnancy is almost as momentous as the day your baby is born. If you're looking for a cute way to tell the world you are adding to your family, then here are some ideas that will be remembered for years to come.

Announce with siblings
What could be cuter than having the future big brother or sister announce to your relatives and loved ones that they will have a new playmate soon?

To-Do List. One family took their little girl's picture in front of a giant, framed wipe-off board that has a detailed to-do list written on it. Items include, entering the world, stealing hearts and learning to walk. The last item on the list is becoming a big sister.

Big Sister Training. Another couple took a picture of their one daughter acting as a teacher, standing in front of a chalkboard that says "Big Sister Training." Not only is the picture adorable, but it is a less obvious way of spilling the big news.

Announce with your pet
While your pets aren't blood related, they are definitely a part of the family. Who says they can't be a part of the announcement fun.

Furry big brother. This couple took a picture of their happy puppy with a chalkboard sign around his neck that says "Big Brother." They also included pictures of their family's feet that included two paws and a pair of baby shoes.

Another human. One couple decided to give their dogs a voice in their pregnancy announcement. A chalkboard sign sits in front of the couple's two fury children that says "our parents are making us a…human." It's funny and cute at the same time. It's a win-win.

Announce during a holiday
The holidays are filled with family gatherings and time spent with out-of-town relatives. What a great opportunity to let your loved ones in on your little secret than during the holidays.

Valentine's Day. This couple used a message heart theme to tell their friends and family that they were expecting a new bundle of joy. They even used the little candy hearts to spell out "We Are Expecting."

Christmas. Many couples are opting to tell their extended family they are pregnant through their annual holiday cards. This family did just that with two pictures: one of their daughter holding a sign that reads, "I asked Santa for a real baby," and a second picture that reads "Lydia's gift with be ‘delivered' in August 2012."

Announce with a gift
Grandparent mugs. This mama put made personalized coffee mugs with Sharpie markers and a little help from the oven. She gave each set of grandparents a mug and watched their reactions as they slowly figured out what was happening. She also includes the video of the grandparents opening their gifts that is pretty funny.

Say it with Starbucks. This creative mom used her family's favorite drinks from Starbucks to tell her family they were expecting a new baby. Instead of a misspelled first name, the barista wrote, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie on the cups. Not only is this a clever way to break the news, but it will give them a sweet treat to celebrate with. Back To Top

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