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Create Fall Sensory Bins that Get Your Kids Thinking

While we hope for cooler weather, I’m gearing up for fall with new activities for my children that will not only celebrate the changing seasons but will also get them thinking and using their senses.

Sensory bins, sensory walls and sensory bottles are always a big hit with my kids. They allow the child to discover, explore, imagine, create, and learn all while using their five senses. I have noticed that my children truly enjoy the I Spy books. They huddle around each book, trying to find a certain object.  So, I decided to make them a fall I Spy sensory bin this year. 

I will use individual plastic containers for each child and customizing the items that they need to find depending on their interests/age. In each bin, I will include corn kernels, pinecones, dried leaves, unshelled pecans, candy corn, sunflower seeds and acorns. I will also include measuring cups and scoops of varying sizes.

To create the I Spy aspect of the sensory bin, I will print a picture of each item I want my children to find on a piece of paper. I usually take a picture of each item, make it into a list, print it on colored paper and laminate it (since I will reuse it again next year).They can use a dry erase marker to cross out or circle the items as they find them. There will be several items in their bin that will require an answer. Those items will be laminated as well so they can easily erase them afterwards. I will change out the items in their bin each week or sooner if needed. 

Here are examples of what I will be adding to my children's bins:

Three-year-old: alphabet letters, numbers, traceable name card(laminated), small toy figurines that interest him. I will dye some of the corn kernels different colors and have him identify colors.

Eight-year-old: sight words, math flashcards(laminated), joke cards, Dogman (book) facts, Captain Underpants (book) facts, and small figurines that interest him.

10-year-old: ELA question cards (laminated), math flashcards (laminated), science facts, joke cards, Dogman (book)facts, Bad Guy (book) facts and MEMES.

11-year-old: ELA questions cards(laminated), math flashcards (laminated), science facts, joke cards, Harry Potter facts and MEMES.

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About the Author

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela is wife to husband, Aaron, and mom to four boys! She is a full-time mom, works as a substitute teacher, and owns her own cleaning business. She runs the Facebook group, I Only Make Boys, where she enjoys chronicling her boys' crazy adventures and sharing wisdom with other boymoms. 

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