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Crafts to make in the Fall

By Jessica Henson

By Kathy Ross

All Ages
Hardcover; 64 pages.

This crafty book includes a variety of TWENTY NINE different ideas for the fall. Boys, girls, parents, friends, this book will keep you entertained (and distracted long enough to clean up their last mess!)

Each craft project includes a list of what you will need, numbered steps of what to do, and a detailed picture of each step of the way.

Some crafts for example:  Scarecrow puppet, school bus picture frame, bat finger puppet, spider paperweight, and even a pilgrim party hat!

Both boys and girls, children ranging from 4 to 12, will have no problem finding a project their just dying to dive into! Perfect for holiday gifts and decorations. Share the joy of the fall season!

Children may need assistance with certain projects; those involving glue, scissors, paint, etc.

  I recommend this


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By Jessica Henson

About the Author

Jessica Henson

Jessica Henson

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