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Celebrate the Season with Some Football-Themed Fun

By Jessa McClure

Football and fall. The two go hand-in-hand, especially in the heart of Texas, and there are so many ways to enjoy this special season with your family and friends. From the tailgate party to the bleachers, there's a lot to love about football season.





Here are a few ideas to get your kids in on the fun and enjoying this joyous time of year (if your team is winning).

1. Get crafty
Get your kids excited about the big game with some fun, hands-on crafts. Not only will they be getting some practice using fine motor skills, but they will get the chance to create something that will make the whole season more festive.

Craftymorning.com has some adorable football-themed craft ideas including a lacing football craft, a football goal made of paper towel and wrapping paper tubes, and football windsock made with your favorite team's colors.

2. Get brainy
Why not use everyone's excitement for the big game to practice some important skills. Ateachingmommy.com offers some free printable preschool materials that include matching letters, designing your own helmet, a writing maze and a worksheet that helps kids put numbers in order.

And if you have an older child, they might enjoy looking at a map of the United States and naming the teams that call each state home. Not only are they getting excited about intense football matchups, but they are also learning some geography.

3. Get physical
If your child is old enough to throw a football, then take advantage of their interest in the game and go outside and get physical. But, if you have smaller children who aren't ready to toss around the old pigskin, then try creating a football bean bag toss that is just their size.

Here's one from pinkwhen.com. Don't worry. You can replace the LSU Tigers with the Baylor Bears.

4. Get cooking
One of the best parts about football season is all the food. From tailgating foods like hamburgers and barbecue to living room food like chips and dip, there's something for everyone. Involve your kids in all of the festive fun by having them help you in the kitchen.

They can help you create a football-themed veggie tray or some sweet football-shaped rice cereal treats.

5. Get to a game
When you've finished your crafts, stretched your mind with some brainy activities, played a game of front yard football, and eaten your weight in rice cereal treats, then it's time to go out and cheer on your favorite team. Whether you're heading down to the new McLane Stadium to watch the Baylor Bears or the local high school football field, you will feel the excitement of watching your team in person.

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