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Beauty and the Beast Activities for Kids

The tale is as old as time. Well, maybe the Disney version isn’t that ancient (unless you think 25 is ancient, and you shouldn’t), but it is a classic. And now the story of a kind-hearted, bookworm named Belle, coming to love a gruff, fur-covered Beast is coming to the big screen as a live-action film on March 17.

Many of us, who watched the animated film in 1991 with wonder and amazement, now have children who are just as excited about the version starring the girl from Harry Potter. So, in honor of this new film and the Beauty and the Beast obsession it will no doubt inspire, here are a few ways to get into the spirit of the moment.

“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious…”

If you’ve ever seen the 1991 version of this story, then you are sure to remember the charming Lumiére spouting this comedic quip where he tells Belle to ask the dishes if the food is really as good as it looks. While no one is quite sure what dish the candelabra was referring to, here is a recipe for a kid-friendly version that will not only be a welcomed treat before seeing the film, but will make your kids feel like they too are being held captive by dancing and singing cutlery.

“By the time the last petal fell…”

Roses are synonymous with this film. When the audience is introduced to this story, they become privy to Beast’s back story. They learn that he must find someone to love and have that love returned to him before his 21st birthday (talk about pressure) or he will remain a beast forever. This curse is represented not only in his animalistic state and his staff being turned into household items, but also takes the form of a wilting rose.

Although the idea behind the enchanted flower is somewhat grim, the fact that this rose represents the magic of this Disney-created world makes it a wonderful symbol of the film. If you want to create a little of that magic at home, then try creating one of these tissue paper roses from My Baba.

“But she doesn’t discover that it’s him ‘til chapter three…”

One of the things I always loved about Belle is that she had a passion for reading. While the Disney princesses before her had admirable qualities, Belle’s love for the written word struck a chord with me. It made me want to read even more, when I saw this magical character excited about an endless library. So, now that I’m a parent, I hope this spunky, inventor’s daughter has the same effect on my children.

If you want to encourage Belle’s literary influence, you could build a “castle” out of blankets and pillows and gather up a stack of their favorite books and read together.

Whether you were a fan of the animated film or not, you can still be a part of the excitement with this new, live-action retelling. Click here to find out what our reviewer thinks of the film and what age group it is geared towards. 

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