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Baylor Scott and White - Hillcrest Establishes 'Operation Community Connection'

Waco is staying in touch with loved ones in the hospital while continuing social distancing

Baylor Scott and White Medical Center – Hillcrest is currently closed to visitors, like many other hospitals at this time, but this hospital wants to make sure its patients can stay in contact with their loved ones while maintaining social distancing and health guidelines. That’s why they developed Operation Community Connection—a way for patients to receive hand-written notes, pictures, and whatever else their loved ones want to share with them that can be sent electronically. This new operation is meant to keep the hospital as sterile as possible by avoiding postal deliveries that could be potentially contaminated. 

The Baylor Scott and White – Hillcrest team encourages everyone to participate, even if they don’t have any loved ones currently in the hospital. Their goal is to distribute as many pieces of encouragement as possible throughout the hospital to keep patients positive during these difficult times while maintaining health precautions. To make this possible, the hospital staff will be printing out and distributing the content to patients. 

BSW Medical Center requests that all submissions preferably be a PDF or a cell phone photo and emailed to BSWHWACOCARES@BSWHealth.org.

If you have a loved one in BSW care, this is a great opportunity to stay in touch with them. If you don’t have any loved ones in the facility, you can use this opportunity to spread some positivity, encouragement, and kindness to hospital patients that are unfortunately alone during this time. 


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Rachel Kistner

Rachel Kistner

Rachel has a BA in Psychology from Texas State University and has been a resident of Waco for 24 years. She has a background in writing human resources-related blogs and articles. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading and exploring what Waco and the surrounding areas have to offer.  


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