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Bath Time Fun for Babies

By Family Features

Babies are cute, but they sure can be messy. From poop explosions to spitting up, babies keep their moms on their toes with surprising - and messy - situations. Plus, getting baby clean can be a bit of an ordeal, too.A survey conducted by Baby Magic* found that 30 percent of moms feel they need a raincoat when giving baby a bath, and 57 percent deal with water all over the bathroom floor. Sound familiar?

While babies will always make messes, and bathing baby means you both get wet, there are some ways to turn bath time from a chore into fun for everyone.

Bathing younger babies
Always test the temperature of the water with your elbow. You're going for that Goldilocks temperature - just warm enough to help babies relax, but not too cold that they are uncomfortable. A warm washcloth on baby's tummy will also help keep them warm.

Sometimes baths can be stressful for babies, so look for products that will soothe them, such as the Calming Baby Bath Lavender and Chamomile Wash by Baby Magic. With pure lavender and chamomile extracts, this wash is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and enriched with vitamins and aloe. In addition, it's tear-free and free of dyes and parabens.

While babies don't need a full bath every day, parents should clean their faces, necks, hands and feet daily - and, obviously, their bottoms during each changing or "surprise" explosion. For in-between-bath cleaning, try the No-Rinse Wash from Baby Magic. This self-foaming wash will clean baby's hair and skin without using water, while protecting sensitive skin.

Turn bath time into an adventure
For older babies and toddlers, bath time means fun time. Here are a few ways to turn your tub into a mini water park:

Time for toys. Water toys are a blast for toddlers. Grab some rubber duckies, boats, foam sea creatures, plastic cups and tubs, then encourage them to explore the "open sea." Before adding these toys to your tub, remember to check product packaging to ensure that they're age appropriate for your baby.
Bath time Picassos. With tub markers and crayons, kids can create a bath time masterpiece. Give them foam shapes to create picture stories. Or mix shaving cream with food coloring and let your little one finger paint on the bath walls. Plus you'll enjoy it too as it is mess-free - the shaving cream will wash away once you drain the bath.

Go bubble crazy. Who doesn't love bubbles? Even very little babies will enjoy watching bubbles float and pop. Show toddlers how to make a "bubble Mohawk" using soap to spike their hair - you're sure to get a more than a few giggles.

Source: http://www.familyfeatures.com/feeds/FeatureDetailDownload.aspx?ID=4553


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By Family Features
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