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A Typical Tuesday

By Jennifer Snyder
Many people have a hard time giving definition to what a "normal" day would look like and although each of us lead very different lives, this is one example of a typical Tuesday.  The relevance of this day-example is to show how a little bit of effort each day can keep most people's homes in good condition.

Morning Home Routine:
6:30 am Out of bed, brush teeth, get dressed and make bed
6:40 am Unload dish washer, make coffee, pack lunches, feed pets, prepare breakfast
7:00 am Relax with coffee and enjoy the calm
7:15 am Wake children and everyone eats breakfast
7:45 am Load dishwasher, sweep floor
7:50 am Supervise children getting ready – including preparing backpacks
8:05 am Take kids to school

Morning Work Routine:
8:30 am Work on most important project
9:45 am Check email, social media, and administrative work
10:00 am Work on second most important project
11:15 am Check email, social media, and administrative work

Mid-day Routine:
11:30 am Make and eat lunch, load dishwasher
12:00 pm Exercise or do house/yard work
12:45 pm Shower and get ready

Afternoon Work Routine:
1:00 pm Work on third most important project
2:00 pm Make another cup of coffee, check email, social media, and administrative work
2:15 pm Wrap up projects for the day
2:30 pm End-of-day routine for work: clear desk, set agenda for next day, have everything ready for tomorrow

After-Work Errand Routine: 
2:45 pm Pick up kids from school
3:05 pm Run errands to grocery store, post office, dry cleaner, etc.

Evening Home Routine:
4:00 pm Return home and sort and shred mail, put away groceries, scan and shred receipts, unload lunchboxes and other items from backpack, load lunchbox items into dishwasher
4:05 pm Spend time with kids
5:20 pm Put a load of laundry into washer.
5:30 pm Make dinner and get lunches ready for tomorrow, everyone eats dinner
6:30 pm Load dishwasher, run dishwasher, sweep floor
6:35 pm Move clothes to dryer. Everyone does 20 to 30 minutes of general house clean up with special focus on bathrooms. (Mondays – kitchen and dining room; Wednesdays – bedrooms; Thursdays – living rooms; Fridays – remaining spaces like hallways, entryways, and garages; Sundays – meal planning.)
7:00 pm Spend time with family
8:00 pm Bath and bedtime routine begins
8:30 pm Fold clothes, get self ready for bed and feed pets
8:45 pm Hang out with husband or personal growth work
10:30 pm Nighty night!

Finally, try your best to put things away after use and have a permanent storage space for everything you own. These two simple actions can aid significantly in keeping your home uncluttered and organized.

Have a Neat day!
Jennifer Snyder, Certified Professional OrganizerÒ
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts
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