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A Little Less Messy…

By Stephanie Falcone
Do you ever have trouble getting your children to finish their vegetables… or even touch them for that matter? Well I'm here to help you eliminate all the begging and pleading and keep your day with the kids running smoothly.

No more airplane spoons or renaming fruits and vegetables to trick kids to eat them (because I think they've caught on to the x-ray vision carrots!). Instead, design your children's meal in the shape of their favorite toys, animals, characters, etc. Let me explain…

First decide what it is you would like to feed your children. Sneak in some extra veggies for these meals because they'll be so in awe, they just might eat every bite.

Next, observe your child's latest obsession, whether it be tractors, dogs, helicopters, etc. This is where you're creative side takes a turn. I've found, as a frequent babysitter, that no matter what the food (greens or not), rearranging it in the shape of something they are fascinated by will get them to eat it.

Without having to trick them that the food is unhealthy or has super powers, oranges for example, simply create a plate full of something they love.  This will be sure to show them how enjoyable fruits and veggies really are!

Can't think of anything?
Here are a few examples I created to help jump start your imagination.

Give it a go! Let's make the lives of parents, nannies, and babysitters just a little less messy around lunch time! Back To Top

By Stephanie Falcone

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Stephanie Falcone

Stephanie Falcone

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