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A Husband's Guide to Mother's Day

If you haven’t already circled the date on the calendar, Mother’s Day is May 14, and husbands, you should be prepared. I promise it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make your wife happy on this day set aside for the woman who keeps the family going.

Here are some quick and easy things you can do to not only make your wife’s day, but also to let her know how much you appreciate what she does day in and day out.

Let her sleep in

This might seem simple, but it will go a long way in telling your better half how much they mean to you. Fight the urge to turn over and go back to sleep when your toddler sticks their finger in your ear canal at 6 a.m. and demands the TV turned on and a waffle. Roll out of bed and assist your mini me in his time of need.

And while tending to the kids is a great start to the celebration, it is important to note that “sleeping in” means not allowing the kids to bang on the door, and not interrupting her slumber to ask where you keep your daughter’s “special plate.”

Brunch in bed

Notice the word brunch. This means, you should let your wife sleep past 7:30. Consider bringing her brunch in bed later in the morning. This would be a great time to get your kids involved. Younger children can make Mother’s Day cards and older children can help cook. Here’s a quick and easy breakfast casserole that will not only look and taste great, but will also feed your hungry brood. If making something from scratch is too ambitious for you, then just put some fruit and yogurt in a nice bowl and it will have the same desired effect. 

Take the kids out

Once brunch has been consumed, give your wife an hour or two to take an uninterrupted shower, do her makeup without a “helper,” and to catch up on her favorite Netflix series. This could be as simple as taking the kids to a local park or cashing in that coupon for the local trampoline park.

Tell her what she means to you

Not only is it important to show your wife how much she means to you, but it is also important to tell her. If you’re not the expressing-your-feelings-type of guy, then try finding a card that says what you want to say. Knowing that you care will go a long way. 

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

Jessa is the Editor-in-Chief of Hooray for Family and the mom of three energetic children. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and is a long-time resident of Central Texas. When she isn't writing and editing, she enjoys playing board games with her kids, teaching Sunday school and channeling her creativity into craft projects. 

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