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5 Ways to Create Your Own Homework Station

If your child is old enough that they bring home homework assignments, then you know that it can be difficult to keep up with all of the papers and supplies. They sit down to complete a worksheet or write out some math problems and they can’t find a pencil. Or their backpack is in another part of the house (probably where they dumped it when they came in the house) and it takes them 20 minutes to “find” their misplaced items. It can be enough to drive a parent nuts.

In order to keep your sanity and help your child complete his or her assignments you’re going to need a place to keep all of those necessary homework items all in one place. Here are some ideas on how to create your own homework station to promote organizational skills, and give your child fewer excuses to get up from the table during homework time.

1. Homework station with a desk

If you have an empty wall or area of your home, you might consider creating a simple homework station and desk. It would give one or multiple children a place to work on assignments without filling the dinner table with papers and pencils.

This homework station from Your Modern Family was created using two IKEA tabletops that created a workspace big enough for three children to sit comfortably and complete their work. The workstation also comes complete with bins and buckets for essential homework supplies like pencils, erasers and markers.

2. Desk accessories to the rescue

Whether your child has a desk in their room to complete assignments, or if they are working on the kitchen table, it’s important to have all of their supplies and organizational tools in one place. The mom behind Clean and Scentsible used desk organizing accessories to create a one-stop shop for her children’s schoolwork and homework supplies.

Not only are there folders for loose sheets of homework and labeled drawers for supplies, but the desk organizers also act as a charging station for electronic devices.

3. Homework station turntable

Don’t have a designated table for homework time, but still want to keep things organized? Then create an accessible supply caddy like the homework station turntable from Mom on Timeout. With a lazy Susan, Mason jars and some washi tape, this mom created an easy-to-reach place for her children to keep and store their homework supplies. Not only is it handy, but it is also cute and decorative,

4. Rolling supplies
If you’re not too excited about having your kids’ homework supplies permanently inhabiting your kitchen table, then try creating a movable homework station, like this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots. Using the IKEA Raskog as a base, this mom filled the rolling shelving unit with containers and jars that would keep all of her children’s supplies organized. And because the Raskog can be moved, you can roll it out of the kitchen when you have company or if you need extra room.

5. Shoe organizer homework station

With those of you who’s space for extra supplies and organizational tools is limited, this homework station idea is for you. With a shoe organizer, the mom behind A Bowl Full of Lemons created a super organized homework station. Not only is it labeled and kid-accessible, but it is also see-through, which makes cleaning up and putting back a breeze.


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