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5 Ways to Celebrate the Dad in Your Life This Father’s Day

It’s almost that special time of year again when we honor the dads and dad-like figures in our lives for all they have done. Whether it is your father or the father of your children, it’s important to take time to tell these paternal figures how much they mean to us.

If you’re looking for a gift that is more meaningful than a tie or box of golf balls, then try some of these dad-friendly suggestions that will delight even the pickiest of fathers.

For dads-to-be

Show your husband that he’s an important part of the pre-baby process by giving him a gift that will not only keep his strength up during those long labor hours, but will let him know that you think he’s going to be an awesome dad.

Create something like this Daddy Survival Kit from Simply Made…With Love. It is filled with sweets and treats and some symbolic gifts like erasers to let him know it’s okay to make mistakes when it comes to baby rearing.

For dads who need some pampering

Dads work hard, too, and sometimes a little pampering goes a long way. Pink and Green Mama and her kids created a backrub shirt. They drew a map of a city with roads, houses, trees and shops on the back of T-shirt with permanent markers.

When they were finished they had their husband and father put on the shirt and lie down. While he was relaxing, they ran toy cars around the T-shirt town, giving dad a customized backrub. That might not have been what Dad envisioned when his family said he’d get a backrub, but it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the gift-making process.

For dads who grill

If your husband or father is a master at the grill, then creating a one-of-a-kind grilling plate for his famous hamburgers or barbecued chicken might be just the thing to show your appreciation for his culinary expertise.

Amanda Jane Brown took her family to a paint-your-own-pottery-store, like Practically Pikasso, and had each of her children paint their handprint onto a large plate. Now, her husband can be reminded of his little helpers when he’s taking his signature dishes off of the grill.

For dads with a sweet tooth

Is the man in your life known for stealing candy out of Halloween buckets, Christmas stockings and Easter baskets? Well, then maybe it’s time to give him a candy “stache” of his own. This cute idea from Thoughts From Alice uses a small jar and an adorable printable to create a candy jar that is sure to be dad-approved.

For dads who fix it all

Some dads are just natural “fix-it” men. Whether they’re saving the family money with home improvement projects, adjusting bicycle seats or just fixing boo-boos with bandages, these men know how to solve their family’s problems, both big and small.

To remind these dads just how much they mean to you, try having your kids create a one-of-a-kind sign that would be perfect for any garage or workshop. All you need is some leftover hardware, a glue gun, some Popsicle sticks and a little imagination.

Whether you’re celebrating a new dad or one who has been there to fix every problem, letting them know how much you care is a great way to make this Father’s Day one to remember. Back To Top

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