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5 Tips to Get Kids to Brush Teeth

By Family Features

When it comes to getting your little one to brush his or her teeth, you may meet some resistance. Here are a few tips to help make the process easier for parent and child alike:

Model good habits. Children love to mimic their parents, so stand side-by-side in front of the bathroom mirror with your child and brush together. Children also look to older siblings as role models, so make brushing a family affair to encourage all of your kids to participate in this important daily routine.

Make it fun. Kids don't want to do anything that seems like a chore, so try to make brushing their teeth a special occasion. Create funny songs about brushing teeth and encourage kids to sing it before and after brushing. If your child prefers stories, you can make up a short story about brushing and recite it to them each time they brush. Kids love hearing stories over and over again, and it will also encourage children to brush longer.

Find a brush that's fun. For kids three and older, allowing them to decorate their own toothbrush can make the task more exciting. The ARM & HAMMER(tm) Spinbrush(tm) My Way!(tm) battery-powered toothbrushes for boys and girls include water-safe stickers in the shapes of rainbows, butterflies, dinosaurs, soccer balls and more, allowing kids to design their own toothbrush and show off their creativity and personality. And parents will be happy knowing that kids brush for 38 percent longer when using a Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrush than with a manual toothbrush. Check out these customizable toothbrushes at www.brushmyway.com.

Look to kid-friendly toothpaste. A picky palate affects more than just eating habits, and kids are more likely to brush if they enjoy the flavor of their toothpaste. Look to kid-friendly products such as Orajel(tm) My Way!(tm) Toothpaste, which offers both a fluoride and fluoride-free option. Orajel(tm) My Way!(tm) Fluoride-Free Toothpaste contains no artificial colors or dyes, and is gluten-free, dairy-free and safe if swallowed when used as directed, making it an excellent choice for children as young as 18 months old.  Orajel(tm) My Way!(tm) Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste is recommended for children 4 and over and helps prevents cavities. Both options allow children to decorate their own tube with water-safe stickers that come with the toothpaste, just like the My Way! battery-powered toothbrushes.

Offer incentives. To encourage children to brush their teeth, make a sticker poster to hang in the bathroom. Every time your child brushes thoroughly, let them chose a sticker to put on their chart. Set a goal for your child, and once they receive enough stickers, reward them. Purchase an inexpensive toy, offer them a trip to a zoo or museum, or make them their favorite dinner or dessert.

Source: http://www.familyfeatures.com/feeds/FeatureDetailDownload.aspx?ID=4615

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By Family Features
Categories:  Parenting Tips

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