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5 Things I’m NOT Thankful for This Year

Every year, social media is inundated with posts about thankfulness. While it is wonderful to profess to the world how grateful you are for lattes and your children’s laughter, sometimes it feels like overkill.

So, instead of telling you all the things I’m thankful for, I’m going to detail the things that won't make the list this year.


Whether your child is attending school or just hanging around the playground with his best playmates, germs are everywhere this time of year. They are just dying to get into those little bodies and wreak havoc, at the worst possible time. And even if you slather everyone in hand sanitizer, blast essential oils into the air, and have your home blessed by a priest, those little buggers always seem to make it into your inner sanctum and cause a week of sleeplessness nights and extra piles of dirty laundry.

Holiday-Themed School Activities

We’ve just survived Red Ribbon Week and now we must find time to be at our child’s school for luncheons, class parties and holiday-themed programs where the dreaded germs are crawling all over shared punch, snacks and cookies. Instead of construction paper crowns of feathers, the kids should be wearing his and hers Haz-mat suits.

Last Year’s Winter Clothes

As the year winds down temperatures begin to drop. And with the first cold snap comes the realization that none of your children’s cold-weather clothes fit from last year and they go to school dressed like Steve Urkel.

Traveling with Children

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to plan little games and activities to do along the way as we drive several hours to visit family. But 30 minutes into the ride, I’m yelling, “fine! I won’t plan anything fun ever again” and the kids are arguing about who’s in control of the air conditioner.  

Keeping Kids Behavior in Check at Relatives’ Houses

What I say to my kids: Alright, we’re about to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Let’s keep our voices down, our nice clothes clean and avoid torturing Mr. Whiskers.

What my kids hear: Oh boy! We can yell at the top of our lungs, spill gravy on the only pair of dress pants that still fit, and trap Grandma and Grandpa’s elderly cat under a laundry basket.

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Jessa McClure

Jessa McClure

Jessa is the Editor-in-Chief of Hooray for Family and the mom of three energetic children. She has a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and is a long-time resident of Central Texas. When she isn't writing and editing, she enjoys playing board games with her kids, teaching Sunday school and channeling her creativity into craft projects. 

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