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5 Inexpensive Back-to-School Teacher Gift Ideas

The days of summer vacation are growing short, and soon many of us will be sending our babies off to school. Whether you have a kindergartner or a high school student, you will be entrusting your children’s well-being and education to the teacher or teachers who will instruct and inspire your kids.

Wouldn’t it be nice to tell these people how much you appreciate them before the school year even begins? Here are a few ideas to create some inexpensive back-to-school teacher gifts that will not only show your child’s teacher how much you care, but will show your child what it means to be grateful.

1. One Smart Cookie Jar

Aimee at It’s Overflowing, has a tutorial for creating a one-of-a-kind cookie jar teacher’s gift that will let your child’s teacher know that you know they will be helping your child grow academically throughout the year. Plus, what teacher doesn’t need a little treat to help her get through the day.

2. Sharpie-Inspired Gift

Chances are your child’s teacher will be using a lot of permanent markers throughout the year writing on folders, bulletin board decorations, Dixie cups, etc. You name it, it probably has a word written in Sharpie. So, why not give the teacher a little extra cushion in her Sharpie supply with this “sharp” gift. The Realistic Mama has a great tutorial for creating a cute back-to-school gift that won’t break the bank.

3. Brightly-Colored Bundle

Not only do highlighters come in handy, but they also have the ability to brighten up a pencil holder like a bouquet of flowers. Why not use these brightly-colored marking pens to let your child’s teacher know that she (or he) will be shining his or her academic light on your child’s mind?

4. Teacher Survival Kit

When the boxes of tissues and antibacterial wipes run out during the first six weeks of school, the teacher will often have to replenish her own supplies. You could bless your child’s teacher with a survival kit, complete with the things he or she is likely to run out of the quickest. Creations by Colleen has a great example of Teacher Survival Kit that even includes some much needed teacher treats.

5. Pretty and Sanitary

We all know kids can be full of germs. Teachers combat these germs with bottles of hand sanitizer in every corner of the classroom. But, although effective, these bottles of germ-killing solution are not always the most attractive. Morena’s Corner used some Sharpies and ribbon to create a colorful, refillable bottle of hand-sanitizer that any teacher would be happy to receive.

So, if you want your child’s teacher to know you care, without going overboard, then try some of these easy-to-make gifts, and show your appreciation.

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