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4 Uses for Skateboards

If you’ve ever grabbed your skateboard and headed down the driveway and into the wind, then you probably already knew that June 21st was National Skateboarding Day. But, for the rest of us, who don’t know that much about the skateboarding culture, the special day is probably a foreign concept.

But, you don’t have to be a skateboarder to appreciate these highly-popular wooden boards. There are several ways to use skateboards. Whether you’re catching some air at the skate park or using them to decorate your teenage son’s bedroom, these boards can really come in handy. Here are some uses you might find for the skateboards in your house.

1. Skateboard Swing

If your kids are too young to enjoy a day out at the skate park, or gliding down the road on their personalized board, then maybe a DIY skateboard swing is just the thing. All you need is an old skateboard, some rope and somewhere to hang it. Not only will your kids have fun swinging back and forth on their homemade toy, but they will be building core strength and balance while they’re having fun

2. Skateboard Exercises
If your days of skateboarding are behind you, but you still want the exercise, then try some of these skateboarding exercises that will strengthen your core and give your old board some new life.

3. Skateboard Shelves

While skateboards can be useful on the ground or in the air, they can also be used for decorating that hard-to-please teenage boy’s room. With just some simple brackets, you can turn used boards into some teen-approved shelving your kids will be happy to show off to their friends. They’re so easy to make that your teen could even help construct their skateboard décor.

4. Skateboard Sling

If your teen would rather carry their board around with them, then why not create a sling that allows them to cart their favorite accessory around and go hands-free. This DIY skateboard sling is simple to make and might even be cool enough to get you a “thanks, mom.”

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