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Breakfast with Santa and the Grinch - Riesel Lion's Club

December 09, 2023
08:00am - 11:00am
Riesel Lion's Club
1270 E Frederick St, Riesel, TX 76682

That ol’ mister Grinch is back and his mission is clear,
To keep Christmas from coming to Riesel this year,
He snuck to the Lions Club and stole all the presents and tree,
He may come to your house next cause I heard he stole all the keys,
He also devised another plan although not as mean,
He licked all the pancakes and turned them all green.
He stirred the hot chocolate with his finger too,
And turned it green and said take that you who’s,
We the whos of this wonderful community,
We have to come together all in unity,
To show that ol Grinch that there is no way,
To take our Christmas spirit away,
We have to show the Grinch a happy Who-liday,
So we are planning a party – a who-bilation per se,
With lots of crafts, singing, and a cheermeister dance contest,
So lets all dress up like we are Christmas obsessed,
On December 9th come join our breakfast feast,
We will have Grinch pancakes instead of roast beef,
The cocoa will be warm and the fun overflowing,
All we need now is to know that your coming!
8 – 11 is the time and The Lions Club is the place
We hope to see all you who’s there with a smile on your face!

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